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Flex provides a layout container using CSS Flexbox.

The Flex primitive provides a Flexbox container with style display: flex. To learn how to use Flexbox CSS properties, see the following documentation:



Import the Flex primitive.

import { Flex, Button, useTheme } from '@aws-amplify/ui-react';

export const DefaultFlexExample = () => {
  const { tokens } = useTheme();

  return (
      <Button backgroundColor={[10]}>Button 1</Button>
      <Button backgroundColor={[20]}>Button 2</Button>
      <Button backgroundColor={[40]}>Button 3</Button>

Mapping Flexbox CSS properties to Flex props

Flexbox CSS property => Flex prop:

  • flex-direction => direction
  • justify-content => justifyContent
  • align-items => alignItems
  • align-content => alignContent
  • flex-wrap => wrap
  • gap => gap

Default prop values:

  • direction="row"
  • justifyContent="normal"
  • alignItems="stretch"
  • alignContent="normal"
  • wrap="nowrap"
  • gap="1rem"

CSS Styling

Target classes

amplify-flexTop level element that wraps the Flex primitive
  • --amplify-components-flex-align-content
  • --amplify-components-flex-align-items
  • --amplify-components-flex-flex-wrap
  • --amplify-components-flex-gap
  • --amplify-components-flex-justify-content

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