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Advanced Usage

Access Authenticator UI component state outside of the UI component

Access Auth State

Access Authenticated User

Trigger Transitions


Here's an example that uses the toForgotPassword trigger transition, to create a custom button. Note that example uses the Footer "slot" override.

Full API

These are readonly contexts that represent the current auth state. Any unapplicable context will be undefined.

userCurrent signed in userAuthUser
routeName of the auth flow user is instring
errorAny error returned from service API callstring
validationErrorsAny form validation errors found. Maps each error message to respective input name.Record<string, string>
hasValidationErrorsWhether there are any form validation errorsboolean
isPendingWhether service API call is in progressboolean
codeDeliveryDetailProvides detail on where confirm sign up code is sent to.CodeDeliveryDetail

These helper functions trigger transition to another route. Note that any invalid transition (e.g. sign-in to authenticated directly) will be no-op.

toSignInTransitions to signIn. Allowed from signUp, confirmSignUp, confirmSignIn, setupTotp, forgotPassword, and confirmResetPassword() => void
toSignUpTransitions to signUp. Allowed from signIn.() => void
toForgotPasswordTransitions to forgotPassword. Allowed from signIn.() => void
skipVerificationSkips verification process. Allowed from verifyUser and confirmVerifyUser() => void

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